As part of Harford County’s year-long Harford 250 celebration, the Harford 250 Committee invited county residents to vote on a theme for a public art project commemorating the county’s anniversary. The overwhelming majority of those voting chose the theme Rooted in History: Lighting the Way. Subsequently, in an artist competition, the mosaic proposal submitted by Lisa Scarbath at Pieceful Designs Mosaics was chosen as the winning art project best representing this theme.

 The next step involves you. Residents are invited to share a piece of their history, a pebble from a cherished driveway, a plate, a lapel pin any small item that says Harford County to you.   Be creative! Items should be relatively small, no bigger than your fist.  The item does not need to be recognizable to anyone else, it just needs to symbolize your story.  The artist will take these items, possibly alter them, and incorporate them into the mosaic’s design which will incorporate graphic representations of the places and things that make Harford County unique. The mosaic will eventually be installed at Bynum Run Park in Bel Air in March 2024.

Items may be submitted at any Harford County library along with a sentence or two describing the piece you are donating.  These descriptions will be incorporated into a publication describing the items that make up this historic mosaic. Collection bins will be located in the library lobbies between June 15, 2023, and October 1, 2023. Questions may be forwarded to the artist at

Tucked beside the Chesapeake Bay, Harford County has been home to farmers and miners, traversed by mariners and railroads, remembered for its military roles and American history contributions, and been culturally enriched by its athletes and artists. In all this time we have collected a lot of memories… and THINGS!

To memorialize this anniversary Lisa Scarbath, a mosaic artist, is creating a community-sourced, large-scale mosaic to be installed at Bynum Run Park in March 2024. The public art project will depict the history, personality, and culture of the county by incorporating material from the community into a piece of art for all to enjoy.

You are invited to be a part of this project by contributing a piece of your own Harford County history to be included in the mosaic. Examples include a pebble from your driveway, a broken plate from a past celebration, or a lapel pin recognizing years of public service. The item does not need to be recognizable to anyone else, it just needs to symbolize your story!