In the early 1770s, residents and business people who lived around the mid-and upper Chesapeake Bay were frustrated with how long it took to travel to Baltimore Town to serve on juries and to conduct other business. Soon, representatives filed a petition in Annapolis to establish a new jurisdiction called Harford County.

In the 250 years since, Harford County has grown into unique area of vibrant small towns, working farms, thriving arts communities, a world-known research and development army base, top-notch health care services, busy sports facilities and bucolic outdoor recreation areas.

Starting in March 2023 and continuing through March 2024, we will celebrate Harford’s Sestercentennial.  

Plan to join us to celebrate the people and places who have made this place home over the years with many events throughout those 12 months. They include:

  • Harford 250 Showcase, Commemorating 250 Years of Community, at the Harford Community College’s APGFCU Arena, on March 31, April 1, 2023. The March 31st opening is a ticketed fundraiser that will include entertainment, speakers and art displays along with 50 booths highlighting local community organizations and venues. The April 1st event is open to all and will include displays and booths from the previous day along with a full day of entertainment, oral history programs, storytellers, food sales and more
  • Harford 250: Night at the Ballpark, August 19, 2023. A celebration of sports at Ripken Stadium held in conjunction with an Ironbirds game on Saturday evening. Join us to recognize Harford athletes, and sports history. The evening concludes with fireworks after the ballgame.
  • Celebrating Tomorrow: Make Harford History Now, March 23, 2024, unveiling of a commemorative public art piece, musical performances, guest speakers and more. The year will concludes with a county-wide sounding of bells and sirens at noon and an invitation for all county neighborhoods to join in the closing celebration and begin making Harford history now.

Every individual who has lived in Harford County in the past 250 years is part of the fabric of our history. Let’s celebrate like never before. We need your help to make this a year to remember.  


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The Harford 250 Project will contribute to a better understanding of who we are, where we came from and where we are headed.  By engaging county residents, we will help them continue to shape our county, unite our residents and recognize the common bonds that we share.


The Harford 250 Project will inspire county residents by educating, engaging and uniting them in a celebration of the county’s past and in seeking a positive pathway to its future.  


  • Celebrate Harford County’s unique history and resources
  • Increase the sense of shared identity for area citizens
  • Collect Twentieth Century stories and history for future generations
  • Promote tourism at local museums, institutions  and area attractions
  • Develop interest and engagement in a positive direction for the future of the county


CHAIR: Carol Deibel

CO-CHAIR: Jackie Seneschal

Chris Potts
Diane Booth
Arden McClune
Bill Walden

Jacob Bensen
Matthew Scales
Stephanie Soder
Jenny Falcone
Patti Parker

C. John Sullivan, Jr.
Iris Barnes
Julie Mancine
Stephanie McKaughan

Honoring our Heritage since 1773

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