As we commemorate Harford County’s momentous 250th anniversary, we find ourselves immersed in a year-long celebration filled with joy, pride, and a dash of nostalgia. One highlight of our festivities is the release of the special “Come Taste My Ma & Pa Tracks.” Read on to discover a delightful journey of flavors and history, as we uncover the story behind this scrumptious collaboration.

Unveiling the Harford 250 Ice Cream: Picture this – the summer sun shines brightly as we gather at Broom’s Bloom, eagerly awaiting the grand unveiling of the Harford 250 Ice Cream. This limited edition flavor is the result of a collaboration that beautifully intertwines the past, present, and future of our beloved county. With each scoop, we’re reminded of the rich heritage and vibrant community that has thrived over the course of two and a half centuries.

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Crafting a Taste of Tradition: The Harford 250 Ice Cream is a labor of love, crafted with dedication and creativity by Harford County’s most skilled artisans and chefs. Meticulously selected ingredients pay tribute to our agricultural heritage and the abundance of our local resources. The rich chocolate, delightful swirls of caramel, the crunch of pretzels, and the nutty undertones – each flavor intricately weaves a tale that resonates with our history and community spirit.
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The Spirit of Celebration: As we indulge in this delectable treat, we’re not just savoring the delightful flavors; we’re also embracing the spirit of celebration that unites us all. The Harford 250 Ice Cream is more than just a dessert; it’s a symbol of our shared history, our triumphs, and the cherished memories that have shaped our county into what it is today. The name “Come Taste My Ma & Pa Tracks” represents that interwoven history. Combining the history of the Ma & Pa Railroad that connected Harford County agricultural farms to Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania, with the present day historic collaboration of our local breweries to create the “Come See About My Pale Ale,” which was named after an album you may had heard by Havre de Grace’s own Nealla Dodds called “Come See About Me” from the 1960’s… you can see our local history is deeply interconnected and still growing!
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Fostering Togetherness: As the aroma of the Harford 250 Ice Cream wafts through the air, it brings people together – families, friends, and neighbors. We gather around the table, recounting stories of our ancestors and the milestones that have marked our journey. This ice cream becomes a catalyst for fostering new memories and forging stronger bonds within our community.

A Timeless Frozen Legacy: While the Harford 250 Ice Cream is a limited edition, its legacy will live on in our hearts and in the shared memories of this momentous anniversary. As we continue our year-long celebration, let’s remember that the spirit of togetherness and pride we feel today will echo through generations to come.

As we raise our cones to honor Harford County’s remarkable journey of 250 years, we’re reminded of the importance of cherishing our past while embracing the possibilities of the future. The Harford 250 Ice Cream serves as a reminder that our community is built on the values of resilience, unity, and love. So, let’s continue to savor the sweetness of our history, one delightful scoop at a time!

Let’s celebrate Harford 250 and indulge in the flavors of our community’s journey – join us for the Harford 250 Ice Cream experience today! 🍦🎉

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